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Why Buy Organic Tea?

Organic tea has been growing in popularity in recent years because the organic movement as an entire has grown. Brands that concentrate on organic tea are growing in popularity and even mainstream tea companies whose products are available in supermarkets have begun to feature more organic offerings. You can also buy organic tea via

Why is buying organic tea important?

The main two benefits of shopping for organic tea are avoiding toxic chemicals in your tea and protecting the environment within the areas where the tea is grown.

Toxic Chemicals: Many people aren't conscious of it, but the assembly of tea can involve harmful and toxic chemicals used as pesticides. Most tea is grown in countries like China and India that have environmental standards in comparison to the standards of nations like the US or countries within the European Union. 

Even when the finished tea is safe for human consumption, the utilization of those chemicals can cause health problems for people that apply the chemicals which will become contaminated by chemicals. Buying tea produced during this manner can thus contribute to environmental contamination and health problems.

Nutrient Pollution from Fertilizer: In addition to the matter of chemicals that are outright toxic, conventional agriculture can damage the environment through its over-use of fertilizer. Organic tea requires the application of fertilizer because organic matter is constantly being removed as tea leaves are harvested. 

But the appliance of synthetic fertilizers can acidify soils and contribute an excessive amount of nitrogen to runoff, which may damage the ecosystems in streams, rivers, and bays downstream from the region where the tea is grown. Organic fertilizer doesn't completely solve this problem but it greatly reduces it.