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Where to Read Comic Books Online?

People are increasingly curious about where to read comic books online. With the introduction of portable computing devices such as laptops, iPhones and iPods, digital copies of these highly addictive and enjoyable mediums have gained in popularity in recent years. To find comics online, you must keep in mind the date that these files were released.

Wednesday is New Comics Day, which is when new issues are delivered to your local comic shop. This is the time of week that sequential art enthusiasts all over the country and around the globe mark as red. You can read comic books from an online comic shop (also known as ‘online stripwinkel’ in Dutch language).

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This week, Superman and Batman, along with the X-Men, Green Lantern, and the X-Men, embark on their newest adventures. Wednesday is the day that the latest chapters of the most memorable stories are published. There will always be something to interest everyone, no matter what their favorite superhero comic is, whether it's Superman issues or Spiderman comics.

In the digital comics world, Wednesday is now known as "0-day". The 0-day is the day that printed comics are converted to digitally distributable formats such as CBR, CBZ, and PDF. However, the latter 2 are more preferred. These digital comics formats can be enjoyed with comic book reading software such as CDisplay for PC, Comic Zeal 4 on the Mac, Stanza for iPhones and iPads.