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What to Do when your RV Needs Repairs

A trip in an RV is among the most relaxing, thrilling, and innovative methods of traveling. It is also economical in comparison to hotels, flights, and eating out at restaurants for all meals. In the end, being able to have a home-on-wheels that has bathrooms and kitchens is among the numerous advantages of living in an RV.

Because a motorhome can be an amalgamation of a vehicle and a house, components of both the home as well as the "car" portion are susceptible to break down. When the worst happens, it’s important to have a game plan. What happens if you’re on your way to your next location but something on your RV breaks? Stay tuned as we discuss what to do next time you’re on the road and need RV mechanical repairs.

Safety First!

If you’re unlucky enough to be driving your RV when it breaks down or requires repair, please put safety first. Slow the vehicle down as best as you can and signal to pull off the road as soon as possible. Ideally, this would be at an exit, parking lot, or wide emergency pull-off, but we aren’t always that lucky. Use your best judgment, and park in the safest place possible. Then break out your emergency kit to set up your hazard triangles or flares. 

Roadside Assistance

Having roadside assistance for any vehicle is a lifesaver. Unexpected breakdowns or accidents can occur, leaving you stranded at best. Many auto insurance companies offer a roadside assistance add-on for a few extra dollars per month for your vehicles, including an RV. Check out your policy to see if you’re able to obtain roadside assistance. 

If your RV needs roadside assistance, contact your provider to get help as soon as possible, whether that be a battery jump, emergency fuel, or a tow. In the event of needing a tow, be sure to provide as much information as possible to receive the best help.