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What Is A Baffle Ceiling In Australia?

Baffle ceilings are ideal for creating atmosphere within a room space. These open ceiling constructions allow a view to the plenum area and concrete ceiling above. They are particularly suited for remedial installation on concrete ceilings where a distinctive design or improvement to the acoustic sound is required.

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A sound barrier is a structure or device that reduces the volume (level) of sound in the air. Soundproof walls are ideal for reducing noise and echo pollution. Partitions can be used to improve the acoustics of concert halls, theaters, conference rooms and other spaces where sound quality is important.

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There are various ceiling partition wall designs available – the openness of the ceiling depends on the choice of partition wall size. Different arrangements of obstructions have a greater impact on acoustics, which is an important aspect where soundproofing is required.

In terms of design, the dividing ceiling offers a three-dimensional model with a linear open ceiling. From a practical point of view, they are easy to install and provide easy access to ceiling space for maintenance and installation of additional services such as lighting, PA systems, sprayers and more.

Ceiling partitions can also be optimized in size and shape to meet project specific requirements. Blankets can be covered in any RAL color. In addition to these universal colors, several special metallic colors, wood tones and chrome finishes are possible. The company can also offer customized color matching upon request.