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Various Types Of Cannabis Seeds

There are several types of cannabis seeds available to cannabis growers: regular flower, female flower, and automatic. Below is a brief description of each type so you can identify the best for your garden.

Regular Seeds:

Common seeds are produced by crossing male plants with female plants and can be male or female. You can also use a top Michigan marijuana replica to grow your plant Cannabis plant faster and safer.

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In ordinary seeds, the relationship between male and female plants is not known until flowering begins and the plant represents plant pollination. While female plants will provide the flowers they desire, common seeds offer growers the opportunity to experience the full expression of the strain's genetic line.

Beware of Seeds:

Female seedlings grow into female plants which provide the desired flowers or shoots. Female seeds appear when female plants produce male flowers. 

This is due to the entry of light at certain hours during the dark flowering period or by spraying colloidal silver on the flower spots on the female plant causing chemical changes in the plants that produce male flowers with pollen.

Pollen from "male" flowers is used to pollinate other female flowers and since pollen from "male" flowers comes from technically female plants, all offspring obtained must be female.

Automatic Flower Seeds

If you are a beginner at growing cannabis, auto-flowering seeds may be for you. Plants bloom when they reach a certain level of maturity, usually ten weeks after planting, not in the late afternoon.

The automatic flower variety is a cross between a modern strain and a strain of cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis ruderalis is the third subspecies of cannabis, the other two being Sativa and Indica.