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Understanding The Growing Psilocybin Mushroom Spores Process

There is no exact time frame for using psilocybin mushroom spores for cultivation, and sometimes that's the beauty that comes with everything magical. Learning how long it takes to grow spores from psilocybin mushrooms takes experience and luck. 

The experience level of the mushroom grower, the growing medium, and the selected psilocybin strain can affect the schedule from start to finish. When growing psilocybin mushroom spores, it is important to understand that the fungus likes a dark, cool, moist growing environment. You can also get more information about psilocybin mushrooms via

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If you grow mushrooms at home, a place like the basement is ideal, but a place under the sink will work as well. But unused cupboards or cupboards also work wherever you can create near darkness and regulate temperature and humidity. Be sure to test your location by checking the temperature before starting the growing process. Knowing the basics of what mushrooms need during their growth and life cycle is the key to growing this magical fruiting body.

Modern methods are commonly used to find out how long it takes to grow psilocybin mold spores which consist mostly of vermiculite mixed with growing material. Organic materials for substrates such as brown rice, coconut flakes or oatmeal seem to be popular choices.

The diversity of fungi determines the most suitable material, as different fungal species grow in different materials (substrates) from straw to sawdust. Whatever you choose for your psilocybin mold spores, make sure your material and substrate are not contaminated with other microorganisms.