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Tips And Tricks To Make Better Pancakes

Are you a fan of pancakes? Then you will be a pancake lover after reading this article. You'll find tips and tricks that turn signature pancakes into delicious treats.

The main ingredient

The main ingredient of pancakes is flour. To make the best pancakes, you should always use fresh flour. You can also check for the best chinese pancakes via the web.

Chinese Pancakes

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Fresh flour is the key to delicious pancakes. Be sure to buy flour at your local mill, health food store, or health food store. Cake flour is recommended because it is light and fluffy.

Grill test

The grill should be hot enough to cook the pancakes evenly. You'll know the pan is hot and cooked when the water droplets squeak and evaporate quickly when you press down on the pan. Before you start cooking properly, it's best to cook small pancakes first. 

The first pancake will tell you if there is something wrong with the heat or the dough.

Dough question

Be careful not to over-knead the dough as this can make the pancakes tough or chewy. You'll want to knead the dough a little to trap air, which is responsible for the soft and fluffy texture of the pancakes.

All you have to do is flip the pancakes. Resist the urge to flip the pancakes before they're cooked to prevent some of them from sticking to the pan.