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The Meaning Of Some Life Assurance Terms

An agent is an authorized person associated with a specific insurance company and will therefore be able to sell you services and contracts for a specific insurance company. You can also get the best life assurance service via



A beneficiary is the person that is nominated to receive the benefit when the insured passes away. A husband will usually obtain a life insurance policy which will provide for his wife and family once he's no longer there to take care of them.

If an original beneficiary of a policy is not alive when the policy is about to pay out, a contingent beneficiary will be named to receive the proceeds of the policy.

An example of this is where a husband nominates his wife as first beneficiary, but if the husband and wife are both killed in a car accident, their children might receive the proceeds.

The death benefit is the total amount of money that will be paid to the nominated person once the insured (the policy holder) passes away.

All insurance policies, regardless of whether it's short term insurance or long term investments such as life assurance, will stipulate certain scenarios or circumstances in which case the policy will not pay out. It is very important to be fully aware of all such exclusions to make sure that a policy will pay out when it should.