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The Complete Guide to Roundup Exposure- Are you at Risk?

Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the world, Roundup is the brand name for the first glyphosate-based weed killer, which was invented in 1974. The chemical glyphosate and the Roundup formulation were invented by the company Monsanto. Though glyphosate is now sold under other names as well, Roundup is still the most common form.

Roundup works fast, by inhibiting the function of the plant's shikimic pathway. Shikimic, Japanese for star anise, is one of the many organic acids plants use to function properly. Once the shikimic acid pathway is blocked the plant starves to death, withers, and dies. 

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Monsanto has a long history of manufacturing toxic chemicals,  some of which are now banned.

Their first creations were artificial vanilla (vanillin) and the artificial sweetener saccharin. Among the first of the products they manufactured to be banned was PCBs, which were federally banned from production in 1970.

This is crazy,  one of their most, and perhaps famous products to be banned was DDT or Agent Orange. DDT which had many negative health effects on people was banned by the federal government in 1972 for causing a massive decline in the bald eagle population. ^

No doubt about it, with a track record like Monsanto’s it is very important to be watchful of the products which they produce.

As a homeowner or landscaper,  it is critical that you inform yourself of Roundup and glyphosate-based weed killer exposure.

Here's the deal, because this is such an important issue, we have made a complete Roundup exposure guide.

This guide to Roundup exposure covers everything from how to use Roundup safely, round ups health effects, the symptoms of Roundup exposure, what you can do about it, and some of Monsanto's lawsuits.