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The Best Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Kitchen Roll

As for the kitchen, We thought of ecological alternatives to kitchen roll. But what about plastic-free and eco-friendly alternatives to kitchen rolls?

Kitchen rolls are another kitchen staple. This is undoubtedly very useful. However, as a single-use product packaged in plastic, it is not the most environmentally friendly. Even dirty kitchen rolls cannot be recycled. But don’t worry, Sheetglory has eco-friendly alternatives that will save the planet and still burden the kitchen. Pop over here to know more about the best eco-friendly kitchen rolls.

An ecological alternative to kitchen rolls

If you’re ready and looking to make a change, then have a great zero waste and eco-friendly alternative to the kitchen, roll up your sleeves for you!

Bamboo is a sustainable source of paper to which many paper products migrate. Made from strong and absorbent bamboo fibre, bamboo paper towels are tree-free paper towels and can be used repeatedly for up to a week so you can keep things clean at home and on the go. 

Sheetglory makes paper towels from 100% fast-growing and durable bamboo fibre, not from trees, as bamboo takes about 3 months to regrow after harvest and trees take about 20 years. In addition, these reusable paper towels are also available in packaging made from recycled and recycled paper.

Cotton “tissue paper” is very similar to cotton kitchen towels, but is made from recycled or leftover fabric and is less durable and biodegradable – and therefore more suitable for single use. They’ll last longer than regular or reusable paper towels, but you shouldn’t feel guilty about throwing them away after using them to clean something really dirty.