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The Art of Installing Flattering Bathroom Lighting

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If you are looking for a functional bathroom design idea, don’t forget to look for lighting choices. It should complement the interiors and make the users feel comfortable and relaxed. If you need help with this concern, the following tips will assist you in installing flattering lighting in your bathroom.

  • Add task lighting: It is essential to add task lighting because you do lots of activities in your bathroom like applying makeup, shaving, etc. Place wall light at your eye level on both sides of the mirror.
  • Layered lighting: It is the most common idea for flattering bathroom lighting. Going for layered lighting is a better option than a harsh lighting source. Add lights of several sizes and fitting. Options like pendant lights, a combination of decorative lights, and wall lights will make a good deal.
  • Avoiding downlights: It is suggested to avoid overhead and spotlight lights because they can point out wrinkles, imperfections, and bulges on the skin. If you desire to get a downlight, you should position it towards the room side instead of the middle.
  • Concealing your lighting: Install strip lights behind your bathroom mirror, around the niches and vanities for indirect, ambient, and soft light with some glare.
  • Consider the light quality: How are you going to use the light? Where is it going in the bathroom? Answers to these questions help decide the brightness and quality of light you should get. It can be a challenge so you should get advice from a professional.

While lighting is essential, it’s not the only thing you need to focus on. Professional plumbers in Coffs Harbour area can help you create the best design for your bathroom considering all aspects.