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All You Need To Know About Vodka

One of the most popular base liqueurs for cocktails, vodka is known to be an important ingredient for some of the most widely served cocktails across the world.

A liqueur which is made from the distillation of fermented substances such as potatoes, grains, at times fruits/sugar; vodka is a distilled beverage made from ethanol and water. You can order vodkas online from

It is a known challenge to create cocktails which actually celebrate the subtlety of the vodka flavour and do not cover it up. Having the right combination of ingredients as well as technique of mixing the drink is extremely important when preparing a vodka cocktail.

In fact, the majority of the drinks that people have while at different lounge bars and clubs are made using a vodka-based cocktail. Known to be of different brands it is commonly associated by the brand by which it is sold. While certain ones are known to stand-out for their flavor many others also enjoy importance in their own way.

Vodkas may generally be classified into two different groups; clear and flavored. Unflavored vodkas are used as the base for many different cocktails. Flavored vodkas may include different flavors such as ginger, fruit flavors red pepper, chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon.