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Thai Food in Devon Give A Blend to Your Taste Senses

Thai cuisine has evolved over the years in terms of presentation and preparation and has not lost its original appeal due to its unique taste.

The uniqueness of Thai cuisine is based on the unusual combination of five taste sensations, either in carefully thought out dishes or mostly in just one dish. 

This balance of salty, sour, sweet, spicy, and maybe bitter gives Thai cuisine an irresistible punch. You can also explore more about delicious Thai dishes in Devon.

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As a multicultural country that is very well connected to its neighbors, it actually consists of four different regional cuisine blends. The preparation method and subtle taste changes vary depending on the northern region, the Isan region (northeast), south, and central.

Traditionally, meals consisted of a greater number of dishes than the number of guests. Although eating by hand is common, Western influence has now introduced the use of forks and spoons.

Seasonings and sauces are staples in every Thai dish you eat. Among them, fish sauce is the most commonly used – made from fermented fish, garlic, lime, and paprika.

Thai cuisine also has a strong influence on leaves, fruits, and vegetables. Most of these have healing properties, aid digestion, and balance food content. The food itself is light and tasty.