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Where Can You Get Your Security Guard License?

Security guarding is different from other occupations. You may need a license depending on your location to legally work as a security guard. It is not an easy process to get your security guard license in every state. 

It will vary depending on what type of security guard you want to work as. Unarmed security guards such as traditional retail security guards, corporate security guards, mall security officers, and other similar positions, will need to meet different licensing requirements than an armed guard.

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Who issues a security guard license?

Guard licenses can be issued by different state government offices, or none at all depending on where you live and work. Each state has its own set of rules and government offices that issue licenses to security guards and officers. 

The best way to find out which state office handles your licensing needs is to visit the state's website. You can search for licensing or browse the different departments on their website. 

Can you use a Security Guard Training Center or School?

A non-government school, training center, or school will not be authorized to issue a license. However, they can assist you with training requirements and the application process. 

If you work for them, some third-party schools and training centers may actually be responsible for getting your license. This makes it even easier. 

How do apply for the license?

You must apply to the licensing and registration department depending on where you are going to work.

Security guard applications are now available in many formats. Nearly all departments accept paper applications for your license in person at the departmental offices.