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Buy Super-Fried Organic Sea Moss

Sea Moss is great for your body, mind, hair, skin, and soul. Let's look at prevention as opposed to intervention. Do not wait until there is a problem to inject your body with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Did you know that the human body contains 102 minerals? 92 of these minerals are also found in sea moss. 8oz premium quality Sea Moss, which can be made into a gel to yield up to 5 pounds. You can buy organic sea moss via according to your taste.


Sea Moss is grown naturally in the warm, unpolluted waters of St. Lucia, Caribbean. We are fortunate to be able to get it directly from the source and ship it directly to the US. The ocean provides nourishment for our Sea Moss. It is never treated with chemicals or fertilized.


*Magnesium and iodine are essential for thyroid function

*Collagen for skin, joints & connective tissues

*Helps muscles to recover from intense training

*Reduces mucus, inflammation

*Balances hormones, increases libido

You can use Irish Sea Moss Gel in your food, hair, or skin treatments. It tightens the skin, minimizes pores, and adds minerals.

The gel can be used as a thickener for smoothies, soups and porridges, salad dressings, stews and other dishes.