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Having a 21st Century Modern Kitchen In London

A 21st-century kitchen is more than just a place for cooking and cleaning. It has become the centre of the house. It's a place to chat, eat dinner, homework, check the internet, and cook healthy fast food and delicious desserts.

When designing a 21st-century kitchen, you need to keep up with modern trends. Before you dream of a 21st-century kitchen, you need to come up with a functional and stunning layout. You can consult with kitchen experts like Jeff Allen Designer Kitchens in London for the ideas of new modern kitchens.

Before you embark on 21st-century cooking, ask yourself a few questions:

• Does the whole family enjoy cooking or is it done by one person?

• If you want to invite friends and family out for lunch and dinner, is it important to have large equipment?

• Do you need additional storage space?

• Do you need a wider work desk or homework space?

• Thinking about the future. Will you have more children or can your parents move in one day? In this case, you will need additional storage space and a larger refrigerator.

• Do you prefer a smaller kitchen? If you are socially active and eat out a lot, a small kitchen with compact appliances and small closets is for you.

You also need a good layout. The essence of every kitchen is a "working triangle". This is the distance between the refrigerator, sink, and oven/stove. Helps regulate the flow of movement and make life easier for the chef.

A simple guide is to ensure that each unit is not more than ten feet away for easy access. You may want to avoid existing plumbing and electrical installations because of moving costs while your kitchen is being renovated. If it's a new home, it's easier to consider your design needs.