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Different Types of Pergola

Pergolas can be described in a few different ways: as arbors or covered walkways, as elements of traditional garden design, or as a unique and beautiful garden feature. Whatever you call them, pergolas are an attractive addition to any garden. For more details about types of pergolas, you can visit

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There are three main types of pergolas: the A-frame, the arch, and the vented. Each has its own unique features that make it perfect for different settings.

A-frame pergolas are probably the most common type. They look like simple platforms with a roof over them, and they’re perfect for smaller gardens or yards. A-frame pergolas are easy to build–just attach the supports to the frame at selected points and tie them together–and they can be moved if you need to enlarge your garden or move it to a new location.

Arch pergolas are similar to A-frames, but they have an arch in the middle of the platform instead of a roof. This makes them look more like traditional bridges than simple platforms, and they’re perfect for larger gardens or yards. Arch pergolas can be more difficult to build than A-frames, but they’re

There are many different types of pergolas, so it can be hard to decide which one is best for your garden. Here are three common types of pergolas and their features: the lattice pergola, the teardrop pergola, and the A-frame pergola. 

The lattice pergola is a type of garden feature made from a series of interlocking wooden boards. The boards are spaced about two feet apart, and they are hung with wires between them so that they form a lattice-like structure.