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Transition In The Clothing Culture

As we explore the fundamentals of fashion, we can make a more precise assessment by observing and contrasting the old fashion sense. 

It might give us a glimpse of context on the way menswear changes, and, more important, how to make informed choices regarding buying clothing and creating our own personal fashion sense. If you are looking for the best custom clothing manufacturers in the UK, you can visit

In the 19th century, as it came to an end, people began to shake off the Victorian influence, which featured dresses and pocket watches, while also carrying walking sticks. This might seem like an overly formal and restrictive style to dress but it was actually an important move towards the right direction when you consider that how the period that followed was characterized by feathers, pantyhose, and high-heeled shoes.

The third decade 20th century witnessed the first great depression. Even though the average man could not afford to participate in the latest fashions, people were interested in the fashion choices of those with the funds. 

There were both positives and negatives with these new methods that were mass-produced. On the other side, basic clothing was less expensive and easier to access than previously. 

However there was less choice in the fashions available, and even more important, major fashion houses realized they could increase sales by offering new fashions every year or each season.