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Installing 3M Paint Protection Film

This product is very easy to use and install. Nonetheless, 3M offers professional installation of protective varnish film. According to the company, installing a car tuner is the only way to enjoy the longevity of the product and take advantage of the five-year warranty.

The technique is very simple and you don't have to buy expensive special equipment. Knowing what a 3M paint protection film is and familiarizing yourself with the technical specifications of the product will help you make better decisions. To get more details about 3M paint protection film, you may visit

3m paint protection film

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A 3M transparent bra, or 3M Scotchgard as it is officially called, is a thin, almost completely transparent polyurethane coating. It has an adhesive side, which means you don't need any additional glue to attach the foil.

Transparent bras are usually installed on the front of the car. These are the most vulnerable auto parts. 3M protective varnish film is typically applied to hoods, bumpers, fenders, rearview mirrors, and even headlights. Covering an entire car is impractical, unnecessary, and expensive.

Most vehicle owners have a hard time applying the 3M Clear Bra to highly curved or inaccessible parts of the car. Improper installation can result in the formation of air pockets below the surface. This can cause the film to peel off, reducing the product's life.