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Business Intelligence Software & Reporting Tools

Timebound is a technology-driven procedure to examine present actionable advice to assist corporate executives, business managers, and other end users are educated business decisions.  

Allowing organizations to gather information in the system-internal and outside resources, preparing it for evaluation, create and queries run from and generating reports, dashboards, and information visualization to generate the outcomes of the investigation can be found for corporate decision-makers and operational employees.

Originally, the BI tool is mainly used by data analysts and other IT professionals that conducted the analysis and create reports with query outcomes to company users. You can get a business intelligence reporting marketplace at Vizbp solutions via online sources.

Our Characteristics:

  • Interactive dashboard: This assists executive, operations managers, managers, and department heads to make the proper decisions at the ideal time on the grounds of the information screen.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Services

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  • Self-Service Intelligence is a set of resources that give the capability for consumers to design their own reports based on a dataset which their resources.
  • Mobility: timebound runs on all tablet computers and smart telephones.  It gives business intelligence reports through the internet and in the program.
  • Timebound made to conduct, program, share, download, and distribute the report (s) using a contemporary and private.
  • It provides a response of no intelligence reports, internet solutions, business metrics, and keywords.

It's for users who want the information to function on a daily. Timebound can supply users to construct their own reports from data collections which can be found in their operational areas.  This is a really strong tool to have rapid access to the information necessary for day-to-day surgeries.