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Various Types Of Goat Meat

Goat meat is very different from their dairy products. Although there are several breeds that can be used to make milk and meat, they are generally separated because of their unique characteristics. 

A wide variety of goats fall into the meat category, from Boer goat and Tennessee fake goat to Kiko goat and Spanish goat.

In order to judge the best quality goat meat, it is important to know the standard characteristics of the meat. Based on this standard, you will find that only 3 of them are native breeds for meat production. 

Various Types Of Goat Meat

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Hurricane is definitely high on the list, along with Kikos and the Tennessee Fainting Goat. In contrast, the Spaniards are actually natives of the southern United States. 

The best goats

The Boer goat is considered to be the largest meat goat in the world. It has a large frame and multiple muscles. However, due to their amazing properties, they tend to be more expensive than other types of meat production.

The Kiko goat breed is another popular meat-producing goat developed in New Zealand. The price is lower than Boer but higher than other varieties of meat goat.

Stunned goat is the third most popular category of goat meat. These are medium-sized animals with an average size of between 17 and 25 inches and an average weight of 150 to 165 pounds. 

Today, fainting goats are not only known for their own meat properties, but can also be crossed with Boers to develop superior and profitable meat goats. The fainting goat has the highest economic value of the three breeds mentioned above.