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Schemes Under Which You Can Migrate To Canada

Are you planning to migrate to Canada? Are you a skilled worker and have certain skills a country needs for its workforce? You may be curious about the various categories in which you can apply for immigration to Canada. Here they serve as a reference.

Family Sponsorship:

This is an immigration program for family sponsorship in Canada via in which any family member can use to sponsor someone who moves to Canada. However, the family member must have lived in Canada for at least eighteen years to be eligible to migrate. In addition, there is a strict mandate for individuals who can be sponsored to migrate to Canada under this program. These family members include spouses or partners, joint partners, parents, grandparents, dependent children, and many more.


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Federal Skilled Workers:

Immigrants who register under this system are basically trying to build themselves up economically after they move to Canada to support themselves financially. One of the mandates that you must fulfill under the federal skilled worker's system in Canada is that you must live in the country for one year as a foreign temporary worker or international student before applying for immigration.

Provincial Program For Nominations:

This is a program in which the Government of Canada works with the provincial government to allow a person to move and settle in the country. Under this program, the Canadian Government and provincial governments decide and select immigrants. This is a program that makes it possible to move quickly to Canada. Some of the Canadian provinces where the program operates include British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and others.