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Qualities of a Release Train Engineer (RTE)

The following are the main qualities of a Release Train Engineer

Agile Mindset –

A great RTE understands the foundations and practices of Agile and SAFe but also adopts an agile mindset. An RTE is not only an expert in Agile but also embodies the Agile mindset. The state of being agile is where one can feel confident in knowing the value Agility offers.

Courageous –

A great RTE is like a ScrumMaster. They have the courage to speak up in a respectful and tame manner. They are respectful of the authority and direction of the management but they have the courage, to tell the truth even if it isn’t what people want.

Integrity – 

A great RTE will be a person who is honest. They are accountable for keeping their word and dealing fairly with all. You can also learn & get RTE documentation via various online websites.

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Facilitator –

A facilitator is a great RTE who is comfortable speaking in front of the group and management. They are able to use a variety of techniques and tools to keep participants engaged and interested.

Negotiator – 

An excellent RTE knows that not all things are black and white. There are many shades and shades of grey. It is important to negotiate to reach an agreement that is acceptable to all parties.

Mentor – 

An RTE who can guide people in the Train to a better understanding of the processes, approaches, and approaches used by the ART.

A lifelong learner – 

Great RTEs understand that learning is never finished. Continuous learning is what they do to improve their skills.

Learning can come from many sources: books, blogs, podcasts, and seminars, as well as formal classroom training. Everyone around you can share valuable lessons that you can use every day in a team environment.