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Professional Brake Service – When’s The Last Time You Thought About It?

Brake Service and repair are crucial for the safety of you and your family. This safety system is for all practical purposes the most important item on your vehicle. Without a properly maintained stopping system, you will be able to stop quickly in an emergency situation. To avoid putting yourself in this situation, let's look at the components of a braking system.

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In a vehicle stopping system, your main components are the drum or disc brakes as well as the lines, pedal, the master cylinder (booster), calipers and combo valve, fluid (typically an oil type), and rotor.

How It Works

When you press on the pedal to stop, your car transfers this force to the system through a fluid. Since your car needs more force than you can apply with your leg, the vehicle must amplify your force. It does this in two ways: mechanical advantage and force multiplication.

This means that when you press on the pedal, the force you apply is multiplied by as much as a factor of 36. That means if you apply a force of 10 pounds of stopping pressure, you will have a force of 360 pounds of stopping power.