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Online Transcription Service – Analog Vs Digital Recording

It's evident that most people are shifting towards digital. It's widely known. But, you may have some analog types of media that must be transcribed. We'll explain in detail the main distinctions that can be made with analog transcribing vs. digitizing.


Digital recordings are a bit old. So if you're looking to have the analog recordings transcoded, they could cost more than that of the average consumer. You can also appoint transcription services at

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If you're using local firms and their prices are comparable, but if you conduct business online they may need you to ship the tape back. This could cost you an additional sum.


It is likely to take longer If you decide to create an audio recording in analog format. This is because of the reasons that are discussed in the preceding section, where you'll need to upload it and then wait for the recording in analog format to appear.

In comparison to digital format, it is possible to upload the file online and receive it back within 24 hours. It is possible to receive it sooner when the transcription service gives the option of an emergency price.

Audio Quality:

The magnetic tapes and cassettes are susceptible to degrading in time. If you detect smoke, fingerprints food particles, or any other airborne contaminants on your videotape or tape it could indicate an immediate decline in the level of quality. 

Also, you should ensure that the tape isn't kept in any type of sun, in a moist environment, or in any other kind of electronic device, aside from the tape recorder since this can affect its quality.