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Latest Acne Scar Treatment With Micro needle Therapy

The purpose of acne care is not only to reduce the plague but the prevention of permanent scars. For adults who have had silent acne for years, scars often remain. Such a permanent face network, especially if it stands out and is in-depth above the cheek area, can have a big negative impact on individual self-confidence.

Various treatments have been used to reduce the appearance of acne scars. Microdermabrasion is popular because it is relatively invasive. Multiple sessions (20-25) are needed for optimal results. Get free promos & educational info online before deciding the best option for you.

How to treat acne scarring

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A new roller device with a small microneedle row is now available for acne scars. When the needle penetrates the surface of the skin, the microchannel shape. This allows product penetration to pass through the skin barrier. Rest physical body on the surface of the skin stimulates the skin to produce collagen naturally. New skin formed under the network of die scars, then the skin naturally becomes finer so regeneration.

The best treatment until now is a laser coating. It destroys the surface of the skin. When the epithelium grows back, the skin is smooth and not damaged. However, this is a long procedure with a prolonged recovery.

Six to eight weeks are needed for optimal results. Depending on the device and the selected protocol, the downtime can be minimal. The result is progressive. When the skin remains intact, there is no increase in sensitivity to the sun. The microchannel is closed in a few minutes, and the skin continues its normal barrier function