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Importance of Covid 19 Vaccines

Covid 19 vaccines can save lives and help reduce transmission of the diseases according to the World Health Organization.

It is true that wearing masks and staying 6 feet apart to maintain social distancing helps to reduce your chances of being exposed to the virus or spreading the virus to other people. But this is not enough. Vaccines work with the immune system and make you ready to fight the virus. You can get the Covid 19 vaccine from

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Benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine:

Effectiveness of the vaccination after the first dose:

A new study has shown that there is a reduction in transmission even after the first dose. People who received the vaccine had far less COVID-19 transmission risk even before they received the second dose.

Freedom to move around:

When you are vaccinated you are less at risk for contracting the virus. So, you have more freedom to travel and move around especially when you use masks, social distance, and frequently maintain hand hygiene.

Protects community:

When you get vaccinated it strengthens your immune system by training you to identify and fight against that specific virus. So, when you are vaccinated you protect yourself and help to protect the entire community by slowing the spread of the particular disease.

All the COVID-19 vaccines developed are being appropriately evaluated in clinical trials. They are well authorized and approved only when they make it substantially less likely that you get COVID-19.