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How Mediation Helps Resolve Conflicts Among Church Members

Even though church members are bound by the same religious beliefs, they are more likely to get into conflict than anyone else. Therefore, they require the help of a mediator more often. You can now find the most proficient mediators online. 

Elder Mediation Helps Siblings Resolve Conflicts and Care for Aging Parents DailyCaring

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Before anything else let's consider two typical cases.

Old versus New:- Imagine an old church located in a once quiet neighborhood that has recently become popular. Dozens of new young families have moved and joined the Church in recent years. Of course, these new members brought energy, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas with them.  

But they also provoked some hatred among the elderly members of the Church. These members feel neglected and disgusted and now yearn for the "good old days". And they were annoyed not only with the new members, but also with their old pastor, who, as they say, "had to do something about it". 

Poor vs. Rich:- Worse, imagine the new member in the ward in the example above has a good job and is therefore able to make regular and significant donations to the pastor, to improve the community, purchase computer equipment, and organize events. Older members, on the other hand, find it difficult and penniless. As they get older, they spend most of their money on buying medicines and taking care of their health.

What Mediators Can Do:- In short, mediators help all Church members to express their views, hear other members' opinions, and find ways to resolve their conflicts in a way that everyone can live with. As a neutral, the mediator does not make any decisions.