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House Extension Designs & Ideas

Making an extension for your home is a great alternative to moving out and finding bigger spaces to live in. You add extra rooms and more living space, even install some new decorations and other equipment. And there are so many ways you could go about redesigning and renovating your home.

Before you start working on the extension designs, you need to take into account a lot of important factors while planning for the project. With so many possibilities in how to redecorate and redesign your home, there are so many things that could happen and even go wrong. To find out the best house extension constructor, you can visit

Some of the factors that could affect our decision in your house extension idea include lighting, and how much you want the extension to have natural or artificial lighting at different parts of the day. The number of windows in your house is also important, as they are responsible for natural lighting and the circulation of air inside the structure. 

Here are some helpful tips and guides you would like to need for your house extension plans:

Ground Floor House Extensions

Depending on how much available space you have for your ground level, you would either have an easy way or make compromises to add your extensions. If you have a typical suburban home, then your extensions would expand to the backyard. 

Second Floor House Extensions

Making a house extension on the second floor of your home is trickier and requires some favorable weather for building. 

Note that your roof would be open to the elements during the renovation, so you need to pick a time when you know the weather would not get in the way of the building and would not ruin the inside of your house.