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Get Low Loader Trailer

If you have farm equipment that needs transporting, a low-loader trailer is needed. They are ideal when you want to transport farm equipment, small chains and drills.

A good low load trailer is designed in such a way that the trailer bed is lowered to the ground, allowing easy and fast loading. You may consider low loader for sale at

Flatbed trailers, which usually have an axle at the back and therefore have a large flat loading platform in the middle. The loading area (or base) is raised or lowered with the hydraulic tilt cylinder at the rear and with the drawbar for lifting the tractor at the front. The single rear axle limits capacity to an extreme of 8 tonnes

The beavertail low load rail has two separate ramps (which form the shape of the beaver's tail when lowered – hence the name). Since the tractor, excavator and wheeled vehicle can be driven directly uphill and on the bed, this trailer has a payload of up to 20 tons on a 40 mm hardwood platform. Trailers are often mounted on tandem springs, with the loading path being carried by the spring.

The width and length of the trailer can be adjusted as needed

When a trailer is primarily used on the highway, the high-speed axle is preferred

Independent hydraulic brake provides additional braking properties when pulling heavy loads

Side guards can be installed for increased safety

RTA-compliant lights are essential, but there are now a wide variety of high-power LED lamps available

Hydraulic double fold ramps are becoming increasingly popular, saving space and providing additional productivity