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Genius Albert Einstein With Dyslexia

Contrary to popular belief, several notable people around the world have dyslexia. It is also worth noting that several people in history have debunked people's misconceptions about this condition. One of these people is none other than the Nobel prize winner, Albert Einstein. 

The German-born physicist famous for his theory of relativity has been associated with being dyslexic. Einstein has contributed significantly to the fields of modern physics and philosophy. The formula E = mc2 is the most famous equation and is rightly attributed to Einstein. There are various online programs for dyslexia if you are dealing with dyslexia that can help you in curing your dyslexia.

Dyslexia affects different persons in different ways. Some may experience short-term memory while others may lose concentration. Early detection and evaluation are important to determine specific needs and appropriate treatment. The sooner you seek professional help and learn how to treat dyslexia, the easier it will be to deal with dyslexia. 

Elbert Einstein & Dyslexia

Many reasons suggest Albert Einstein had dyslexia, so let's take a look at a few: 

Speech Delay

It is common knowledge that Albert Einstein was a late talker. Most children start speaking early, but Einstein was almost 6 when he began speaking fluently. Researchers have widely discussed this part of Einstein's life, and because of its popularity, children with delayed speech are said to be suffering from the Einstein syndrome. Speech delay is a prevalent symptom of dyslexia, which strongly suggests that Einstein had dyslexia. 

Reading Difficulties 

Not being able to read fluently or aloud is a telltale sign of dyslexia. Most dyslexics are unable to piece words together or identify letters to read aloud. There are reported instances where Einstein could not read aloud. Furthermore, he also found it challenging to write. He had a lot to write about, but his inability significantly hindered his written communication. 

Creative Learning 

Albert Einstein was not like most of us. He had a hard time learning in the same way people around him did. While his classmates memorized the contents of their syllabus, Einstein would rely on his own creative thinking to come up with answers his teachers asked.