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Fire Extinguisher Training for Safety

The 2005 Fire Safety Order made it a legal requirement that all staff receives fire extinguisher training. The fire service enforces this order and expands on existing fire safety laws. This means that the "responsible person" now has additional obligations to maintain the building so it can be used by the fire department in the event it starts to burn.

To ensure that the staff can safely use the equipment to fight fires, and to appoint at most one fire marshall or fire warden to assist in evacuation in an emergency, the responsible person must prove that they do everything possible to avoid personal injury in the event that a fire breaks out. In the event of injury or harm, there may be civil liability. Any insurance claims for fire damage could also be null.

Fire safety training for staff members should be tailored to the location, type of fire, and extinguisher to be used. Most fire extinguisher courses will include information about fire fighting, fire types, fire extinguishers, and theories of combustion. Most businesses will require a fire marshal, as mentioned earlier. To perform their duties effectively, a fire warden must be trained in evacuation procedures and fire prevention.

It is essential that all staff, firefighters, and responsible persons are aware of the location and type of extinguishers in their workplace. You should also be familiar with the extinguisher body information and what types of fires each extinguisher can safely be used on.

It is important to be aware of evacuation routes and escape areas, as well as any special hazards your workplace might have. A fire safety course can help you remember things that you didn't know or forgot. It will also make you more aware of the fire hazards in your daily life.