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Environmental Policies in the Luxury Hotel Industry

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Luxury hotels are embracing their responsibility to be green hotels to reduce their impact on the environment as well as to reduce the carbon footprint of travelers. Eco hotels follow sustainable practices that are in harmony with standards for green initiatives. Environment hotels increase their market impact by being more attractive to travelers.

Green hotels focus on strategies that reduce resource consumption and waste generation. These strategies do not compromise the luxury expected, and may enhance the quality of the stay. These practices usually save the hotel money which increases profits, so eco hotels actually make good business sense. You can also follow luxury hotel guide for more information.

Some of the environmental policies that luxury environment hotels adopt are:

• The option for guests to reuse a towel for more than one day

• A shampoo dispenser on the bathtub wall rather than individual plastic shampoo containers

• Environmentally friendly soap and other products indicated by a logo on the wrapper.

• A container in the room where guests can put recyclable waste

• Discontinue the use of Styrofoam and plastic wrapping on cups

• Bottled water in the room and an indication of how the tap water is filtered.

Eco hotels must maintain green standards without distracting from the luxury feel of the hotel. Aquariums with colorful fish and lots of plants and flowers in the lobby and other public places add to the green ambience. Nature oriented original artwork adds to the green feeling and promotes local artists and community.

Luxury green hotels should also give high quality complimentary accessories to the guests. These can easily be environmentally friendly items such as fresh local fruit and reusable shampoo bottles.

Environment hotels should always use cloth napkins, real dishes and flatware instead of plastic, paper or disposable. Leftover food could be kept for later and even reheated by the hotel and taken to the guest’s room.