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Effective using Of CBD Salve

Using a CDB ointment is actually quite easy. Here are some of our best tips for using a CDB ointment as efficiently as possible.

figuring out where to use

There is no point in topical application of a CBD ointment throughout the body. As these products are often expensive and tend to come in small, relatively small containers. It would be a waste of the ointment applied everywhere. 

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If there is a particular area of the problem, you can apply there to see what happens. If not, there are some key points you could try:

  • Temples
  • Neck
  • Joints 
  • Feet
  • Back

CDB salves apply to these areas, try massaging the ointment as far as possible. This should help release tension while being applied to the CBD.

Clean yourself quickly

Before applying the ointment, give the target area and hands a quick wash. Your skin is constantly in contact with various germs and bacteria and does not want this in the way of topical application. You can only give the area a quick wipe with a damp cloth – does not require a full shower.

In addition, wash your hands after using the ointment. Many ointments CDB heating or cooling agents have in them, and that can make your hands feel strange.

Use the correct amount

With CBD salve, a little goes a long way. It probably does not have much of an effect, and you do not want your skin to oily feel, as a result of too. At first, apply only a small amount of ointment  on the desired area, making sure to massage slowly.