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Causes Of Periodontal Disease

The root cause of the periodontal disease is bacterial attack and dental plaque. In order to protect the gums and teeth from the bacterial infection, our immune system releases a substance that damages the gums and ligaments. 

This results in bleeding and swollen gums. All this also leads to loosening of teeth, which is an extreme periodontics condition. There are some clinics that provide periodontal treatment in Brampton.

Such cases can be prevented by visiting the dentist frequently and maintaining a good oral hygiene regime. Seeing a dentist once in 6 months is mandatory but if you have regular issues and problems concerning your teeth, you should see the dentist once a month without fail.

The major cause of this disease are listed below –

Genes – These problems can be hereditary, but that doesn't mean your suffering is inevitable. You can always take good care of your health and visit your dentist regularly to cure the disease and maintain good oral health.

Smoking – Those who are frequent smokers have a high risk of periodontal diseases. If you already have this disease, smoking makes it worse.

Misaligned teeth – Any situation that makes brushing and flossing difficult, leads to plaque. Plaque leads to severe gum problems.

Grinding and gritting – These habits don't cause periodontal diseases, but if you are already infected, it can add up to your misery.

Stress – Stress leads our immune system to weaken and makes hard for the body to fight the infection.

Hormones – Puberty and pregnancy can temporarily increase the risk and severity of gum disease. So can menopause.

Poor nutrition – Vitamin C deficiency can cause bleeding gums. Proper diet is necessary for good oral hygiene.