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Building Effective Brand Strategy Through Product Design

The world of product design is changing. For companies looking to create products that will be enthusiastically received and maintained over time, simply designing them to perform well and be aesthetically pleasing is no longer enough. To have a sticky product in today's market, it is necessary to reach the consumer on a deeper level.

Today's new product designers understand that the key to a long-lasting product's success lies not only in its look and feel, not only in its functionality but also in the entire experience, from the first contact in the store to the final disposal of the product. 

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Dubbed “experience design,” this design trend emphasizes, at its most basic level, the madness of placing reliable and aesthetically pleasing products in aggressively sealed shell packaging that is nearly impossible to open. It seems to lean towards brand killers such as poor customer service, poorly written instructions, and missing peripherals like batteries or mounting screws.

Customer frustration and anger should not be part of the user experience at any level. Unfortunately, these negative touchpoints can appear anywhere from misleading advertising to poor marketing to difficulty disposing of a product.

To achieve an effective brand experience, multiple disciplines must be reached. Marketing managers must be on the same page as product designers, customer service managers, supply chain managers, and retailers; All parties must work together to achieve the same goal through the same branding strategy.