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A Brief History Of Pac-Man Arcade Game

The Pac-Man was introduced to the world by the Japanese arcade machine manufacturer Namco Limited in 1980. This game was inspired by food and eating rather than the shooting of space aliens or other foes as in many arcade games at the time.

Instead, players navigated through a maze using a joystick and ate colored dots until they were gone. This completed a level, then moved on to the next maze.

Before Pac-man, other old classic arcade games that were popular included Pinball, Skeeball, Space Invaders, etc. You can still buy arcade games like skee ball arcade from sites like

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The gameplay was like, four ghosts on each level tried to catch Pac-Man and eat him. The roles of predator and prey were briefly reversed when Pac-Man ate special power pills that were placed in the maze.

Pac-Man became an instant international hit, selling more than 100,000 units in the United States alone. It is easily the most popular arcade game ever. The ghosts move in patterns and players become obsessed with creating precise routes for Pac-Man.

Nevertheless, this seemingly predictable outcome was offset by the sheer amount of levels (256)that added tremendous complexity to the search for the perfect game.

Pac-Man was a game that had an innovative design and had a greater influence on popular culture than any other videogame. The Pac-Man guide was a hit in America. 

It was soon followed by popular songs and a cartoon TV series. Magazine articles and merchandise were also popular. There are many versions and imitations of this game on every electronic gaming platform.