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Visit Pelješac peninsula, without seeing vineyards and affording the pleasure of tasting high quality wines it is like visiting Paris and not seeing Mona Lisa. Your happiness is even greater, because just opposite of Pelješac is island of Korcula and what peninsula means in terms of red wines, the island stands for white wines, these are the most interesting winegrowing regions in Croatian terms. Sun and wine were always connected, and in particulary the vineyards on the southern slopes of the Pelješac peninsula, where the glare of the sun reflected from the sea and the rocky surface is creating additional effects that give high quality wine, with special flavor and aroma. All this and hard work of Pelješac grape growers and winemakers have produced famous wines, wich made the name of Pelješac well known in the world.

Nearby of settelment Nakovana it was found an Illyrian sanctuary in which they celebrated God of fertility and wine, Dionysus, which proves that even during the Illyrian time wine was cultivated here.Greek writer Athenaios allready in the 1 century b.C. wrote about excellent wines produced in Dalmatia, which were an important source of life in these areas, from known times. It is known that the Illyrians (Pelješac-Nakovana) who lived on the coast, came into early contact with the Greeks (Korcula-Lumbarda), where was already well developed viticulture and enology, and this is how probably they have learnd about the grapevine and fermentation process. The Romans in these parts already found developed grape growing and winemaking, so they only continued to plant grapes, as evidenced by the remains of the four villas rusticas in the area of Dingač and Postup. Slavs who settled in this area during the migration of people have only contributed in popularity of Pelješac wines, that was enjoyed even at imperial courts in the Middle Age. We will present you two red varieties and two white varieties, indigenous, special and with great potential. Cheers!

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