Agrotourism Viganj

olive growing, enology and active vacation in Viganj

Olive picking

Picking olives on a Peljesac for one week in the autumn! Is this going to be hard work or is it just holiday? Judge for yourself:

Of course you’ll start with a good breakfast in the morning. Then you’ll be transported to a romantic olive grove with trees which are often more than a twenty years old. The nets are neatly spread under the tree of your choice and it’s play time! Combing the trees with a giant comb, the branches bend and the olives fall down. Then you’re climbing in the tree feeling like a child again. The highest peaks have to be cut too. Complete concentration for good balance and to harvest all the olives. The olives have to fall into the net of course! Meanwhile, you’re enjoying the peaceful environment and beautiful views. You’re starting to get hungry. It’s lunch time!  In the orchard, in or out of the sun, whatever you want. And then there’s the irresistible desire to ….. no, there is no time for an afternoon nap. The olive trees are waiting. Re-energised you start again. By the time the fatigue strikes and it’s getting colder, the tree is ready. The afternoon nap is now well earned. Or would you first like an herb brandy? How about a walk? There is still some time left before dinner is served.

Welcome to Viganj, probably the most beautiful place on the World.

Here you can relax, work, enjoy and feel good.

Look at our action offer for this autumn 2010. and contact us.

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